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  3. Please check your PM I sent on 23rd October 2020
  4. I am working on it now to finish up, I have added new features to allow milestone goals, for example set it to 50 topics and once someone has 50 topics it will award them the chosen reward, milestone goals can only be awarded once where the other can be awarded multiple times so you can still do the timeframes etc, I will probably add a couple more apps to it too like the lottery and blackjack etc
  5. When will this be made available for 4.5 @TheJackal? They are on the shop demo
  6. Since the feature was announced at last year’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) we have received lots of requests to implement Sign in with Apple in Invision Community. We’re pleased to announce that as of 4.5 this is now available. You will need a paid Apple developer account to use it but once enabled users will be able to sign in using their Apple ID and all the convenience that brings. Touch ID and Face ID is supported natively where available and works across all your devices. Choose to share or hide your email address Isn’t it just another login button?
  7. We've been on a little journey together since we announced the first Invision Community 4.5 feature way back in November 2019. The first feature we announced was a revamped Admin Control Panel interface which created more visual space and brightened it up. Actually, we made it so bright that the first feature request was to add a dark mode (which we did). In the space of three short months, we had spoken about Club improvements, invites and referrals, RSS feed improvements, blog categories, the simple stock photo picker, search insights, security enhancements, user interface updates,
  8. Almost ten years ago we launched the Marketplace; a place to connect Invision Community owners with talented developers creating new functionality. Over the decade, the Marketplace has grown to hold thousands of applications, large and small. For many Invision Community owners, the Marketplace has become an essential resource. Our aim was always to have the Marketplace available inside your Admin Control Panel to make it even easier to purchase and install extra functionality. I'm pleased to say that as of Invision Community 4.5, this is now a reality. You can browse the Marketpla
  9. As the deadline slowly comes down, two last feature additions race towards the descending door and slide in underneath with seconds to spare. If you've never seen "Raiders of the Lost Ark", then you probably think this is a weird way to start a blog. As we wrap up development for Invision Community 4.5, we squeezed in two extra features that I want to talk about today. Per Topic Post Approval The first is a way to cool down a heated topic without locking it. Right now you can put an entire forum on post-approval. This means that moderators must review and approve all new post
  10. Yes, this has been resolved. The background of the buttons are transparent: it would be better if they were with a light background and dark text, as in the default theme. I'm not able to add any more code: If you have suggestions for that result, I gladly accept them, otherwise I will be satisfied Thanks
  11. No it's a bad theme what uses it's own css overriding all IPS's with rubbish so when devs make a app and use IPS classes for the IPSBox and data-grids etc themes like that don't inherit how they are supposed to look, Add this to your custom.css someone else had the issue and this sorted it .phandamount, .dhandamount { color: #aaaeb3; } .dhandamount { top: 0 !important; } Seem's to be missing, I'll add it to a update
  12. @TheJackal Hi, I have two questions: 1) The application works well on the default skin but an IPSFocus Chameleon Dark does not correctly display the keys related to the score of each player. It's normal? Theme default Theme IPSFocus 2) I can't find where to translate the text of the first (You Has) and the second button (Dealer Has). I found something in ACP but it didn't work Can you tell me where I can find the translation string?
  13. I see 15k winning hands by one member lol Will be sorting out most major updates for 4.5 as that is going to require a lot of stuff re-wrote
  14. That did it! Thanks! Hope to see this app expanded....a lot of use in lockdown!
  15. Should all be done mate, download and install the update
  16. If you want to look at his data on my site, let me know. You have a signon already.
  17. Alright I'll check the code and see if there is anything what could cause it
  18. Hi, thanks for your response. He is only in the regular member group. Brad
  19. Sorry mate missed this, Erm what usergroup is he? Don't know what could cause that but will look into it
  20. If your brand sells a product or service, the first thing that comes to mind as a benefit to building your community is support deflection. And it's easy to see why. It's something you can quickly calculate an ROI for. Let's say every 20 hits to a public question with a solved answer from a client or team member equates to one less ticket. If a ticket costs $10 to solve on average, it's straightforward to see the value by calculating deflected tickets. Let's say your busy public support community had 20,000 hits a month; you've just saved $200,000 a month in support costs. Great! But
  21. I think I must have posted this in the wrong place: https://flashmodding.com/index.php?/discover/content-posted/ [BUG] Wins not counted in widget totals BradTBP posted a topic in Bugs & Suggestions For the BlackJack app, everything looks great except this. I have a player who leads in total points gambled, but does not show up in the win total at all: https://www.thebullspen.com/blackjack/ Please let me know what else you need to consider. Thank you. May 5
  22. Sorry if I misunderstood (I use a translator to write in English because otherwise I would not be able) I understood that you weren't interested in having multiple users play on the same table. But I'm glad I was wrong P.S. When you also do Texas Hold'em Poker, I will definitely buy it, thanks
  23. I did not say no, I said I will be looking into it, It is something high on my list to have multiple players at the same table Once I write a code to allow multiple people on blackjack to play together it will make it easier for me to do hold em and so on so yes they are in my future plans
  24. Thanks Thanks All my members ask me to be able to play together at the same table ... I'm sorry you don't want to consider this request. Patience Anyway, are you going to evaluate other games, such as Texas Hold'em Poker?
  25. In the ACP go to the members profile and select edit preferences and go to the members shop tab and you can edit their points there Same as above Not yet I will be looking into multiple players on one table together though
  26. How can you play together with other members on the same table? Are only the cards of each one and those of the Dealer always displayed? Can't the members of the same table be displayed together? Sorry if I ask but I'm ignorant on the subject and I can't understand if it can ????
  27. Or even to remove points from the user in case of an infringement?
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