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We are still updating some apps and plugins for IPS 4.5, All apps / plugins & themes have a compatibility field, Please check before purchasing anything ×

Sticky Notes

TIred of boring messages spread across your board?

Then liven it up by downloading Sticky Notes

Not only can you pick and choose what user groups to show them to, you can even allow your members to send personal sticky notes to other members

TheJackal TheJackal
Flash Modding

Featured Downloads

  • Comics By TheJackal

    • $40
    Comics allows your members to upload .cbz comic book files to view and or share them on your board with other members, You can navigate through the comic pages by either click the next or previous icons or you can simply drag your finger across the comic page ( if using a touch screen device ), you can also choose from 3 different sizes for the comic books what will either be small, medium or large pages. Members will be able to react, rate, review & comment on each comic ( if they h
  • Blackjack - Members Shop Add-On By TheJackal

    • $25
    Blackjack is a members shop add on what allows your members to gamble their hard earned points playing Blackjack ( 21 ), Create unlimited tables, set different min & max wagers on each one, you can even allow your members to chat while playing using the tables chat box Main Features Create unlimited categories to store the blackjack tables The categories on the index page shows in nice grid elements The category page will show info on the tables How
  • Enhanced User Info Panel By TheJackal

    • $10
    Enhance your user info panel with this powerful fully customizable plugin for the forum topic posts, You do not need to show all the information you can choose to show or hide any one of them or just choose to hide them on mobile viewing, you can now even choose what user groups can see what information How to configure Go the the ACP plugin panel and select the settings button on the plugin User Info Panel Edit the width of the user info panel between 200px - 350px
  • Members Shop By TheJackal

    • $35
    This application will add a members shop and a avdanced point system to your site, where your members can earn and spend their well earned points they gained ( or bought if you have IPCommerce installed ) from this app, You can award your members points for being active on your community, Allow them to charge points on their uploads ( If IPDownloads is installed ) and much much much more, Members Shop in intergrated to work along side loads of other applications & plugins, Read below for a f
  • Media Uploader By TheJackal

    • $50
    This application will allow your members to upload images, videos, audio and document files including PDF's to stream, play, share, view, download or embed into any of their posts, Your members can also choose to set their uploads to private and if they wanted then, give other members permissions to access them. This application works fully with IPS Clubs allow club owners to create their own media uploader categories DEMO Main Features Create unlimited categor
  • Club Categories By TheJackal

    • $20
    This application will allow you to add categories for clubs to be placed in Features Created unlimited categories and sub categories Choose what members can view each category Choose what members can add clubs to each category Adds a sidebar to the clubs index page showing all categories Easily edit the clubs category via the clubs setting page or via the ACP's club page If a category has sub categories then the sub categories wi
  • Tournaments By TheJackal

    • $65
    Tournaments allows your members to ceate Teams and then Tournaments to enter in, you can use this application for multiple tournaments including online gaming, sports or any other tournament you want to be involved in. You can allow members to comment and communicate with each other members on each tournament, Each team can have a unique skill what will be calculated using the elo rating system starting with a default of 1200 points. DEMO This application is fully compatabl
  • Chat Application By TheJackal

    • $25
    Chat Application allows you to create unlimited chatrooms for your members or staff to communicate in, the chatrooms use the IPS editor allowing your members to create powerful messages with the full editor and toolbar features added to their message's, Members can report and react to the messages, There is no restriction on the amount of online users but if you are going to have them online in the hundreds then I would recommend having a good host. It also allows you or your members to live str
  • Sticky Notes By TheJackal

    • $20
    Tired of boring messages spread across your site? then liven it up by downloading Sticky Notes, this application will allow you, or if you have selected members, To post global Sticky Notes to other members on your board, Users can easily dismiss each Sticky Note and then can even drag and drop them around their screen Global Sticky Notes ( ACP ) Create and display unlimited global Sticky Notes to your members Choose what user groups can se
  • FM Dark By TheJackal

    • $30
    FM Dark is the first and hopefully one of many themes from Flash Modding PLEASE NOTE...  NOT ALL CUSTOMISATION'S YOU SEE ON THIS SITE ARE FROM THIS THEME, I HAVE LOT'S OF MY PLUGINS INSTALLED WHAT ADD SOME OF THE CUSTOMIZATION'S TO THE SITE Main Features... Background Picker Allow members to change the themes background from a choice of 12 backgrounds ( All small sizes ) Enable / Disable any background image Choose to use either the default ones or upload you

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