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TheJackal TheJackal
Flash Modding

Sports Betting App ( Members Shop Add-On ) 1.0.8

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New Feature's

  • Added a homepage for the application with 4 blocks
    • Shows the staff picks
    • Shows the newest bet selections
    • Shows the next bets to be suspended ( Can no longer gamble on )
    • Shows random bet selections
  • Added another time date setting for the bets so you can now pick a time to suspend betting and also the actual start time of the event
  • Added a new setting to the ACP allowing you to use smaller grid boxes for the tables ( These are the same sort of boxes in the new members shop update )
  • Added the ability to add bets to a betting slip instead of having to do them one at a time and a new page allowing them to select how many points they want to gamble on each bet
    • This feature has a 5 minute cron job removing any bets from the slips that are past the betting suspension time / date
      • Users will not see or be able to bet on any of their bets added they have added slip once the suspension time has passed
  • Removed the support for font-awesome 5 as it clashes with font-awesome 4 ( this feature will be back once I sort it out properly )
  • Changed the bet descrption to now use the editor allowing for you to put a nice description on the bet
  • Added a new page for each bet selection allowing users to click on the bet and view it on a new page with all the info on the bet and also the ability to bet or add it to the new betting slip


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    Profile Gifts

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