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We are still updating some apps and plugins for IPS 4.5, All apps / plugins & themes have a compatibility field, Please check before purchasing anything ×

Sticky Notes

TIred of boring messages spread across your board?

Then liven it up by downloading Sticky Notes

Not only can you pick and choose what user groups to show them to, you can even allow your members to send personal sticky notes to other members

TheJackal TheJackal
Flash Modding

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New Features

  • Commerce
    • Added points as a payment gateway to be used for purchases
      • Each currency you use will have a conversion rate ( Example, if you are using USD and set it to 100 then a $10 item would cost 1,000 points )
    • Removed the ability to sell points via commerce packages ( This has been replaced read below )
    • Added the ability for members to buy points by entering the amount they want to buy
      • Each currency you use has it's own conversion rate ( Example, if you are using USD and set it to 100 then each $1 spent will give the user 100 points )
        • Set the minimum amount users are allowed to buy
        • Set the maximum amount users are allowed to buy ( This is per transaction )
        • Set price examples
          • Create a list of points & on the buying points page it will show a list of example prices with the list of points you created along with the price they would cost
        • When a user changes the amount of points they are buying, the checkout button will update with the price of the points


  • Removed all database columns linked to and of the IPS apps and or core_xxx tables and created custom ones for this app

Bug Fix

  • Fixed the bug in the ACP membership upgrade page for if you have a deleted usergroup in there it would throw a error


Profile Gifts

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