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Sticky Notes

TIred of boring messages spread across your board?

Then liven it up by downloading Sticky Notes

Not only can you pick and choose what user groups to show them to, you can even allow your members to send personal sticky notes to other members

TheJackal TheJackal
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Chat Application 1.0.9

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New Features

  • You can now choose to use either the default sound for new messages or you can upload your own .mp3
  • You can now choose to use either the default sound for the online user list or you can upload you own .mp3
  • Added the ability for members to invite other members to chatrooms
    • Members will receive a notification when receiving a invite
    • Users can send up to 5 invites at a time
  • Added the actual amount of users in the online user list
    • Shows the amount of members online ( Excluding anonymous users )
    • Shows the amount of anonymous users online
    • Shows the amount of guests online
  • Changed the online user count on the chatrooms and widget etc to include the amount of guests browsing
  • Added a exclude list for the global floating chatroom
    • This is a list of applications you have installed, you can choose to exclude from showing the chatroom on your selected applications


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