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Tournaments 1.0.5

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New Features

  • Added Ladder tournaments
    • Choose from either 6 Teams, 10 Team, 15 Team or 21 Team tournaments
    • Once all teams have joined and the tournament is started it will calculate the order of the ladder by the teams skill with the highest being in 1st place
    • Teams can only challenge other teams who are within 1 tier of them ( example if the team is in teir 3 they can challenge teams in tiers 2 and 4 )
    • Team owners will receive a notification when receiving a challenge from another team
    • If a team rejects a challenge it will show publicy they rejected it
    • Users who sent the challenge have the ability to remove their challenge request ( this is for if another team is ignoring their challenge )
    • Once a team owner sends a challenge they can not challenge another team in that tournament unless it gets rejected / removed or accepted and then the game and been played ( This is not to confuse the placing of the teams )
    • Once a challenge has been sent and then played, the challenger will not be able to challenge that team they just played until they play another team first
  • Changed the joined teams tables in the tournaments to use the tournament stats for wins, loses, draws and their win %, instead of their overall stats
  • Added a create tournament button to the teams homepage
  • Added a create team button to the tournament index page
  • Added the ability to create tournaments without having to add a team to it
  • Added the ability for tournament creators ( or moderators with edit permissions ) to replace teams in tournaments
    • When replacing a team, if that team has played say 3 matches they will not lose their stats from them 3 matches on their teams stats, BUT it will show the newly added teams name on them 3 matches of the tournament itself, the newly added team will not gain the stats from them 3 matches either
  • Added the ability for team owners ( or moderators with edit permissions ) to change a teams owner to another member
    • As well as changing the owner they have 2 more options
      • Leave the team completly
      • Stay on as a team player


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