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  1. What have bother and disturb me so many times is we are not able to export and import plugin langbits . Is it possible make an app who can handle that part ?? there are so many none eng sites out there ... EX: i have move my ipsuite licens to different webadresses and then I have to start all over again p****s me of really Am curious if its possible at all make it working ?? Thanks
  2. in the forum *app development* all content is locked for members ?? maybe you want it that way . or its for especially group ?
  3. I wait and wait and wait for some new sneak peaks on some new stuff you are doing is coming hahaha
  4. In profile view when using *Enhanced Profile Blocks* the membermap box is not showing some sort of conflict between membermap and Enhanced Profile Blocks
  5. yes was the first I did but still same .... also tried uninstall and then reinstall . still same
  6. No idea why this happened .... but upgraded member info panel and get 500 page . site working when I disable the plugin ..
  7. Thats super .Thanks a lot for your excellent support
  8. weird but something trigger the issue . the special code we did for icons to show up bc I use multilang ?? you have the admin login so take a look . as soon I disable multi-tool its working .....
  9. OK i have tried long time to track a bug down . and find out the menu when you are in the club not working when menu icons are enabled . manage club menu stop working with multi-tool enable
  10. It would be great if you could import or export settings for the menu icons. it's time consuming and when you reinstall or if you have multiple websites you will not have to redo it again .... especially when you use different lang What you think ?
  11. 4.2.6 beta 2 Cant get the icons on create menu and User menu to show up with the provided code in help section . working in primary and secondary ... Seems this code not work #elUserLink_menu > li[data-menuItem="Mina Annonser"] > a:before{ content: "\f298" !important} #elCreateNew_menu a[href*="/Artikel i Nyheter/"]:before { content:"\f044" !important} Cheers Chris
  12. ok . thank you. for knowledge member info box not showing a cover as well ...
  13. tried all . disable all 3rd part apps and plugins . to see if something trigger it ... no success .... yes I have latest versions and default theme . ipsuite 4.2.6 beta 1

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