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  1. If i just disable the "Secondary group images" it should have the same effect shouldn't it? Ill try that for a while and see if i get any errors. I did have a plugin ages ago that showed secondary group images, but i uninstalled that before installing yours, i wonder if it has left anything in the database that is causing the error.
  2. I wasn't anything bad about you or the plugin, you are a great dev and the plugin is awesome, but unfortunately i cannot figure out what the problem is my end, so i would rather just disable the plugin and not stress myself out trying to figure out the problem as i don't have the time or patience Thanks for the plugin and thank you for the other two i have which work great.
  3. Yes the member mysis who i originally had the problem with is a "developer" and "founding member", i went into his settings and clicked on "founding member" then saved and that fixed it, so i went through that thread and found other members with the same problem, looking at their settings the have the 'founding member' badge as a secondary too, for instance: The weird thing is that clicking on "founding member" and saving fixes the problem, if it is with that group, its going to take me ages going into each account and clucking then saving as i have 344 members with that badge >.<.
  4. That only explains Enhanced User Info Panel and yes it is fine when switched off, it only happens when i chose to enable the secondary group icons, like i said above. What about Enhanced Profile Blocks, it gives the same problem regardless of secondary group icons, i currently have it disabled as it is unusable at the moment.
  5. First i will say that love your plugins and i really hate having to disable them because they mess with the forum in a detrimental manner. Ill start with Enhanced User Info Panel: This works great apart from when i chose to enable the secondary group icons, then it either messes the layout of the threads up, of it gives me multiple versions of the same secondary user icon for a user, here is the layout problem: It looks like this When it should look like this This is the error code: #0 /where/directory/is/forums/system/Member/Group.php(109): IPS\Patterns\_A

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