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  1. New Features Re-wrote some php for better performance Re-designed some of the html templates to make it look cleaner
  2. New Features Added a admin notification for when users redeem custom items Removed the dashboard block showing the amount of custom items needing awarded Added a new block and settings for the index page showing random items Added the ability to set a time delay on purchasing the same items Example... Set it to 300 seconds then a member can only buy the item once every 5 minutes Bug Fix Fixed the bug when manually awarding points to users via the ACP
  3. New Features Added a setting allowing you to show the total online users in chatrooms via a little notification on the nav bar Added a setting allowing you to choose if you want to allow members to be able to click the names in the message and online lists to mention users easier Added a setting allowing you to choose if you want to add the members group formatting to the members names ( Coloured Names ) Added the bad words filter to the messages This will do a loose match ( Don't have to be a exact match ) on your bad words replacing any bad words with your chosen replacement Global pop up chat box Added some sliding effects for when hiding / showing / increasing the size / decreasing the size Added some JS / jQuery to the global pop up chatbox settings so that it will no longer reload the page when changing rooms All Chatrooms / Pop up box / Widgets Added a effect to fade in new messages Added a effect to fade out deleted messages
  4. New Features Added a setting so you can select what usergroups will be shown in the filter box Added the amount of members to the tables header for all and each usergroup
  5. New Features Changed the update url Removed the need for a license key ( Just plug in and play )
  6. New Features Reactions ( Members can now react to messages in chatrooms ) You can choose what user groups can react to messages in each room via the permission matrix of the chatrooms Member created chatrooms and club chatrooms will allow reactions to the members who have permisson to chat in them Report Messages ( Members can now report messages ???? ) Redesigned the global pop up chat box You can now toggle the width of the pop up box allowing the use of reactions and private messages ( When not browsing via mobile phones as their screens are not wide enough ) Added the ability for moderators with permissions to edit and delete the messages via the chat box Added a report icon to the messages on the chat box Changed some css in the chatrooms for the compact style making it look more fresher When you delete a message it now uses a ajax call so the page won't refresh Bug Fixing Currently removed the sitemap function for this app while I work on finding the bug
  7. Bug Fix Fixed the bug when editing a club in the ACP
  8. New Features Added Ladder tournaments Choose from either 6 Teams, 10 Team, 15 Team or 21 Team tournaments Once all teams have joined and the tournament is started it will calculate the order of the ladder by the teams skill with the highest being in 1st place Teams can only challenge other teams who are within 1 tier of them ( example if the team is in teir 3 they can challenge teams in tiers 2 and 4 ) Team owners will receive a notification when receiving a challenge from another team If a team rejects a challenge it will show publicy they rejected it Users who sent the challenge have the ability to remove their challenge request ( this is for if another team is ignoring their challenge ) Once a team owner sends a challenge they can not challenge another team in that tournament unless it gets rejected / removed or accepted and then the game and been played ( This is not to confuse the placing of the teams ) Once a challenge has been sent and then played, the challenger will not be able to challenge that team they just played until they play another team first Changed the joined teams tables in the tournaments to use the tournament stats for wins, loses, draws and their win %, instead of their overall stats Added a create tournament button to the teams homepage Added a create team button to the tournament index page Added the ability to create tournaments without having to add a team to it Added the ability for tournament creators ( or moderators with edit permissions ) to replace teams in tournaments When replacing a team, if that team has played say 3 matches they will not lose their stats from them 3 matches on their teams stats, BUT it will show the newly added teams name on them 3 matches of the tournament itself, the newly added team will not gain the stats from them 3 matches either Added the ability for team owners ( or moderators with edit permissions ) to change a teams owner to another member As well as changing the owner they have 2 more options Leave the team completly Stay on as a team player
  9. New Features You can now choose to use either the default sound for new messages or you can upload your own .mp3 You can now choose to use either the default sound for the online user list or you can upload you own .mp3 Added the ability for members to invite other members to chatrooms Members will receive a notification when receiving a invite Users can send up to 5 invites at a time Added the actual amount of users in the online user list Shows the amount of members online ( Excluding anonymous users ) Shows the amount of anonymous users online Shows the amount of guests online Changed the online user count on the chatrooms and widget etc to include the amount of guests browsing Added a exclude list for the global floating chatroom This is a list of applications you have installed, you can choose to exclude from showing the chatroom on your selected applications
  10. New Features Commerce Added points as a payment gateway to be used for purchases Each currency you use will have a conversion rate ( Example, if you are using USD and set it to 100 then a $10 item would cost 1,000 points ) Removed the ability to sell points via commerce packages ( This has been replaced read below ) Added the ability for members to buy points by entering the amount they want to buy Each currency you use has it's own conversion rate ( Example, if you are using USD and set it to 100 then each $1 spent will give the user 100 points ) Set the minimum amount users are allowed to buy Set the maximum amount users are allowed to buy ( This is per transaction ) Set price examples Create a list of points & on the buying points page it will show a list of example prices with the list of points you created along with the price they would cost When a user changes the amount of points they are buying, the checkout button will update with the price of the points Enhancements Removed all database columns linked to and of the IPS apps and or core_xxx tables and created custom ones for this app Bug Fix Fixed the bug in the ACP membership upgrade page for if you have a deleted usergroup in there it would throw a error
  11. New Features Members can now create their own chatrooms Member chatrooms will appear in a tab on their profiles Select what user groups can create their own chatrooms Owners of the chatrooms have full permission over the ban list for their chatrooms Added the ability to toggle the online user list to be shown or hidden You can now edit the chatrooms via the front end Added some buttons to the chatrooms section title Added a button on the chatrooms to allow users to toggle the sound on or off Moved the rules to a button what will pop up showing the rules Moderator buttons Moved the ban list to here Edit Chatroom ( Moderators with permission can edit the chatroom from the front end ) Added a button allowing moderators to delete all messages in the chatrooms Members can now send private messages via the widgets ( if they have permission to whisper that is ) You can now toggle the widget to show or hide New ACP settings for member created chatrooms Choose what groups can create chatrooms Choose what groups can whisper in chatrooms Choose what groups can manage their chatrooms ( Manage = the ability to delete messages from the chatroom ) Select the amount of messages to show in the message list
  12. New Features Bots Standard Message Create a message via the editor and the bot will post the messages each cycle Random Messages / Quotes Create messages / quotes from a stack setting allowing you add as many as you want and the bot will post random ones each cycle Standard & Random Message Cycle Settings Run cycle every 5 minutes Run cycle every 15 minutes Run cycle every 30 minutes Run cycle every 60 mintutes Run cycle every 3 hours Run cycle every 6 hours Run cycle every 12 hours Run cycle every day Members Shop Create a message when a user purchases a item Lottery Create a message when a new game is created Create a message when a game has been drawn Create a message when a member claims a winning ticket Sports Betting App Create a message when a member places a bet Create a message when a member claims a winning ticket Media Uploader Create a message when a member uploads a image Create a message when a member uploads a video file Create a message when a member uploads a audio file Create a message when a member uploads a document
  13. New Features Added a 3rd party application integration extension
  14. New Features Added a 3rd party integration extension
  15. New Features Added a 3rd party application integration Bug Fix Fixed the bug where it would sometimes bypass the approval of a upload
  16. New Features Re-wrote the download files points system for storing the points Added images to items You can upload multiple images to items Images will only show on the shop front, not on any saved items in the users myitems page Added another extension for 3rd party application integrations
  17. New Features Attachments Allow you members to upload attachments directly to the editor auto embedding videos and images New permission to the chatroom matrix for what member groups can download attachments
  18. New Features Added a widget for chatrooms ( These should be placed in the header or footer sections not the sidebar ) You can choose what chatroom to show and also if you wish to show the chatroom rules in the widget The widget does not support the ability to send private messages, they will need to visit the chatroom to chat privately Added a new feature for when you send a message, it will now scroll to the messages position The auto scroll will only work for the user sending a message, it will not auto scroll for other users incase they are reading the message list, it will be annoying to be reading it and constantly getting scrolled to new messages Added a new icon to the message list for when the messages are private, this will allow the users to see who the messages have been sent to If users have selected to send private messages the list of users in the message will now stay there after the message is sent. if the users no longer wishes to chat privately they will need to remove the users from the list. ( This is to stop any users thinking they are still talking privately and sending a public message by mistake ) Re-wrote some js for the chatrooms making it a lot smoother to run and receive new messages Changed the scrollbar on the message list to a more compact looking one
  19. New Features Chatrooms Added a new setting allowing you to choose to display new messages at the top or bottom of the message list Added a new permission allowing you to let members send private ( whisper ) messages Members can select multiple members at the same time to show the messages to The private message boxes will use a different background colour then the rest to tell them apart Admins can view all private messages regardless Bots Create unlimited bots to post messages when something happens on your site Select a member to send the messages ( You could create a bot member via the ACP and use that ) Each bot can be set to post in different chatrooms Applications supported for bot posting Calendar Create a message when a new event gets created Create a message when someone comments on a event Create a message when someone reviews a event Downloads Create a message when someone uploads a file Create a message when someone comments on a file Create a message when someone reviews a file Forums Create a message when someone posts a topic Create a message when someone replies to a topic Gallery Create a message when someone uploads a image Create a message when someone comments on a image Create a message when someone reviews a image Nexus Create a message when someone reviews a product Members Create a message when someone registers on the site Each application you pick you can select from a list of the categories / forums etc for when the bot should send a message, this can also be set to all categories / forums etc If you don't have any of the apps installed above the settings will not show for you to enable them If you delete a chatroom from the ACP any bots linked to that chatroom will also be deleted, this is to stop any errors that could be thrown if the chatroom don't longer exist and the bot does
  20. New Features Added a new setting for chatrooms to select the height of the message list and online box Added a new setting for chatrooms to display the message list in a more compact view Changed the permissions for the chatrooms to a permission matrix instead of selecting groups via the chatroom settings Added a feature so when a user submits their message the submit button will fade out stopping any double posts that may occur Added a widget showing a list of all chatrooms and the amount of users online in each ( This only refreshes when the page gets refreshed it is not automatic refresh for the online users ) PLEASE NOTE..... If updating you will need to go into each chatroom and container in the ACP and re-save the permissions for them, the permissions can be found in the padlock button of the containers and chatrooms
  21. New Features Added a setting to the gallery what allows you to select to award multiple points for bulk image uploads Bug Fixes Fixed the bug with the ACP purchases page Fixed the bug with the referrer system awarding points to the newly joined member instead of the referrer
  22. New Features Added friendly URL's to the stickynotes Dismiss buttons Reply button Dismiss all button Bug Fix Fixed the bug with images showing when lazy load is enabled
  23. Bug Fix Fixed the bug when adding images to the answers when using lazy loading
  24. Updated to 2.0.2 Bug Fix Fixed the bug with embedding audio files in topics / posts etc
  25. New Feature's Added a homepage for the application with 4 blocks Shows the staff picks Shows the newest bet selections Shows the next bets to be suspended ( Can no longer gamble on ) Shows random bet selections Added another time date setting for the bets so you can now pick a time to suspend betting and also the actual start time of the event Added a new setting to the ACP allowing you to use smaller grid boxes for the tables ( These are the same sort of boxes in the new members shop update ) Added the ability to add bets to a betting slip instead of having to do them one at a time and a new page allowing them to select how many points they want to gamble on each bet This feature has a 5 minute cron job removing any bets from the slips that are past the betting suspension time / date Users will not see or be able to bet on any of their bets added they have added slip once the suspension time has passed Removed the support for font-awesome 5 as it clashes with font-awesome 4 ( this feature will be back once I sort it out properly ) Changed the bet descrption to now use the editor allowing for you to put a nice description on the bet Added a new page for each bet selection allowing users to click on the bet and view it on a new page with all the info on the bet and also the ability to bet or add it to the new betting slip

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